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Alcohol Infused Baked Goods

Slice Of Rum

Dessert of the Month


"White Hennessy Lava Brownie"


A Delicious hennessy brownie with a white hennessy lava center and a decadent ganache drizzle.



Each month try one of our limited edition specialty cupcakes each modeled after a different alcoholic flavor. 


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All About

Slice Of Rum

    Slice of Rum was founded in 2017 on the strong belief that every dessert taste better with liquor in it.         We are a small home based bakery located in Baltimore Md, and  we specialize in made to order rum cakes, cupcakes, and various other alcohol infused desserts to exceed your every desire. 

Our decadent desserts

come in four levels of intoxication

Rum Free

No alcohol added

Just A Taste

You're sure to taste it, but not too heavy

Make Me Feel It

You asked for it, you got it

Make It Wet*

Would you like some cake with that


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